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Solid organic and mineral reagents

Aluminum Sulphate Those coagulan
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 - Aluminum sulfate - complex inorganic substance, represents salt of white color with gray, blue or pink shade. At usual conditions exists in the form of colourless crystals, Al2(SO4) 3 crystalline hydrate • - 18H2O - colourless crystals, it is well dissolved in water. It is hygroscopic. ...
Group: Aluminum sulfate 18- aqueous
Aluminum nitrate h
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nbsp;-Formula: AL (NO3)3*9H2O Synonym: Aluminum nitrate nonagidrat-aluminum salt of nitric acid Aluminum nitrate, aluminum nitrate — - Al(NO3)3, inorganic compound, aluminum salt of nitric acid. In addition to actually anhydrous nitrate, aluminum has also main nitrates: AlOH(NO3)2  - and...
Group: Nitric acid 9- aqueous aluminum


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