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Ascorbic acid farm
  • Ascorbic acid farm
  • Ascorbic acid farm

Ascorbic acid farm

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
nbsp;- Ascorbic acid - — - organic compound, related to glucose, is one of the main substances in human diet.

They are necessary for normal functioning of connective and bone tissue. Carries out biological functions of reducer and coenzyme of some metabolic processes, is antioxidant. Only one of isomers — - L-ascorbic acid which is called vitamin C is biologically active. In the nature ascorbic acid contains in many fruit and vegetables.

In pharmacology it is applied as the cure for different diseases all-strengthening and stimulating immune system (catarrhal, oncological etc.), and also preventively at insufficient receipt with food, for example, during the winter and spring period. Ascorbic acid is entered also at poisoning with carbon monoxide, metgemoglobinobrazovatel in high doses — - to 0,25 ml/kg of 5% of solution a day.

The preparation is powerful antioxidant, normalizes oxidation-reduction processes. Ascorbic acid and its sodium (sodium ascorbate), calcic and potash salts are applied in the food industry as E300 antioxidants — - E305 preventing oxidation of product.

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 08.07.2021

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